<sb> stop trying to disguise yourself as a plant, Arugula. we all know you’re really the sound an antique car horn makes.

<sb> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8afOwiKeIfs

<sb> do not terrorize innocents with your arooga horn, mark.

<sb> with great arooga comes great responsibility.

<sb> i.. i just.. i can’t

-!- sb changed the topic of #warezsex to: who is this Four Chan person

<sb> shove that entirety of television news media up your ass

 * b in agreement

 * sb in agreement with the last two letters of that URL

<b> they got that part right. it’s a start, i guess.

<b> no://no.no/no


<sb> heh, why is the dad in robotron carrying a briefcase?

<sb> robots killed all the other humans, bro

<sb> pretty sure your wife and kids don’t care about those quarterly reports or whatever

<sb> the meeting you were on your way to is cancelled

<sb> civilization cancelled due to murderous robots

<sb> maybe this is the future that awaits us if they keep trying to make google plus happen.

<sb> skynet is making real

<b> old habits die hard. even though now his only “job” is to avoid being trampled by indestructable hulks, he’s still trying to clock in and make it to the meeting on time.

&lt;b&gt; first steps toward robotron bot
&lt;sb&gt; but brian you&#8217;re supposed to kill robots not become one&#160;!!!!!
&lt;sb&gt; (pretty cool though)
&lt;b&gt; well, it still seems like a net gain if i make one killer robot that kills all the other killer robots.
&lt;sb&gt; can&#8217;t argue with that math.

<b> first steps toward robotron bot

<sb> but brian you’re supposed to kill robots not become one !!!!!

<sb> (pretty cool though)

<b> well, it still seems like a net gain if i make one killer robot that kills all the other killer robots.

<sb> can’t argue with that math.

<b> gotta hit the hay. night.

<sb> night.

<b> so much for that. :( i rested for a while but couldn’t sleep. fuck it we’ll do it live

<sb> to “play.. us.. out..?”

<sb> ??? ?? ??? ?  ?? ??? ?

<sb> Republican Fanboy Completely Baffled by Modern Colloquialisms

<sb> Film at 11

<sb> ding level 4 in Ingress!

<sb> also some guy on dickson street said “sup brah” to me without a trace of irony.

<b> yeah, we have that here too. sup bra is the new ahh yeah.

<sb> don’t settle for normal brassieres. demand the Sup Bra.

 * b does not accept bro language

 * b believes strongly in familihood of mankind, but does not address others as bro

-!- b changed the topic of #warezsex to: NO2”BRO”

<sb> yo joe & no “bro”

<sb> http://youtu.be/-x-r3T4LB4o?list=PLEB09A674FDA79D3F


<sb> finally! i was wondering when someone was going to invent.. that

<sb> well dammit, i guess i’m not going back to sleep.

[01:42] <sb> what a lovely morning!

 * sb makes coffee

<sb> a bony cackle escapes my haunted throat, etc

<b> heh.

<b> dreadful blood screeches down the ghastly walls of dread

<b> oops.

 * b is sleepy

<b> i over dreaded it.

<b> i’ve been researching how much torque it takes to turn the potentiometers on guitar pedals.

<b> been reading a lot of data sheets. i made some text porn from their terminology.

<b> the shaft coming out of my bushing busted a screw nut

<b> shaft end play. ganged push-pull nut fixation

<b> central mounting, smooth nut-tightening pull-out

<b> push-pull spring shaft for static load

<b> max shaft thrust, 25,000 cycles min

<b> draw out force of the shaft. permitted torque for nut fixation max

<b> high temp physical strength, max prod-inches, shaft bushing trimmer

<b> detent balls: steel. friction torque driving shaft. stop resistance

<b> 500,000 smooth shaft strokes center tap

<b> ball spring shaft straight gang front nut mounting contact

<b> exceptional dual-ball slide thrust control

<sb> /exec -out filth

<sb> heh, i just noticed “stop resistance”

<b> i guess each line is like a potentiometer porn tweet.

<b> definitely not an overdone genre yet.

<sb> i had a dream i got dogpiled on social networks by people who mistakenly thought i was bigoted against people from nova scotia.

<b> #stopthehate

<sb> my dream writers must be running low on ideas.