<b> gotta hit the hay. night.

<sb> night.

<b> so much for that. :( i rested for a while but couldn’t sleep. fuck it we’ll do it live

<sb> to “play.. us.. out..?”

<sb> ??? ?? ??? ?  ?? ??? ?

<sb> Republican Fanboy Completely Baffled by Modern Colloquialisms

<sb> Film at 11

<sb> ding level 4 in Ingress!

<sb> also some guy on dickson street said “sup brah” to me without a trace of irony.

<b> yeah, we have that here too. sup bra is the new ahh yeah.

<sb> don’t settle for normal brassieres. demand the Sup Bra.

 * b does not accept bro language

 * b believes strongly in familihood of mankind, but does not address others as bro

-!- b changed the topic of #warezsex to: NO2”BRO”

<sb> yo joe & no “bro”

<sb> http://youtu.be/-x-r3T4LB4o?list=PLEB09A674FDA79D3F


<sb> finally! i was wondering when someone was going to invent.. that

<sb> well dammit, i guess i’m not going back to sleep.

[01:42] <sb> what a lovely morning!

 * sb makes coffee

<sb> a bony cackle escapes my haunted throat, etc

<b> heh.

<b> dreadful blood screeches down the ghastly walls of dread

<b> oops.

 * b is sleepy

<b> i over dreaded it.

<b> i’ve been researching how much torque it takes to turn the potentiometers on guitar pedals.

<b> been reading a lot of data sheets. i made some text porn from their terminology.

<b> the shaft coming out of my bushing busted a screw nut

<b> shaft end play. ganged push-pull nut fixation

<b> central mounting, smooth nut-tightening pull-out

<b> push-pull spring shaft for static load

<b> max shaft thrust, 25,000 cycles min

<b> draw out force of the shaft. permitted torque for nut fixation max

<b> high temp physical strength, max prod-inches, shaft bushing trimmer

<b> detent balls: steel. friction torque driving shaft. stop resistance

<b> 500,000 smooth shaft strokes center tap

<b> ball spring shaft straight gang front nut mounting contact

<b> exceptional dual-ball slide thrust control

<sb> /exec -out filth

<sb> heh, i just noticed “stop resistance”

<b> i guess each line is like a potentiometer porn tweet.

<b> definitely not an overdone genre yet.

<sb> i had a dream i got dogpiled on social networks by people who mistakenly thought i was bigoted against people from nova scotia.

<b> #stopthehate

<sb> my dream writers must be running low on ideas.

#warezsex classic: slashdot trolls

#warezsex classic: slashdot trolls


<sb> that’s a pretty nice pokemon, but i still prefer psyduck.


<sb> http://www.wow-petopia.com/wod.html pretty new virtual critters i will be able to tame.

<b> fuck yes, they’ve got the froot loops bird.

<sb> toucan sam, yep.

<sb> image

 * b nods appreciatively

<sb> nonsense pet name of the day


 * b brings boner in for annual tuneup

<sb> No results found for “a FUCKING can opener that won’t FUCKING break after two FUCKING months of normal FUCKING use FUCK”.

<b> moar like CAN’T OPENER am i rite

<sb> u r rite

<sb> i guess i’m just going to have to start thinking of them like paper towels and buy them in 8-packs.

<sb> No results found for “how to appease the god of can openers”.